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Tactical Patrolling Course



Have you paid top dollar for pistol, carbine, or long-gun training? Was it with a top-notch instructor? Was it really? Well that’s fantastic, but how are you (or more importantly, a group of you) going to get from Point A to Point B? The Adaptive Patrolling course is designed to teach you this essential skillset. In this course, students learn how to plan and execute tactical patrols and to quietly and efficiently move from where they are to where they need to be in a tactical manner. Don’t plan on a cozy hotel for this course, you'll be sleeping in the woods like a man.


Learning Objectives:


-Orders and planning process

-Gear selection and preparation

-Individual movement

-Inter and Intra-team communications

-Selection and occupation of patrol bases and harbor sites

-Actions on contact/Immediate Action Drills

Course Details

Dates: To Be Announced

Course Location: Lovingston, Virginia

Course Length: 2 Days

Class Size: 10 Students

Cost: $300.00

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