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Adaptive is seekind Direct Action High Risk Training Instructors with the following Quals:

  • 10 years' military experience with a minimum of 5 years Special Operations / UMSC Force Recon Organization

  •   Graduate of Service Special Operations CQB course

  •   Capable of passing current weapons qualifications

  •   Certified as Range Safety Officer & Laser Range Safety Officer

  •   Proficient w/current CQB TTPs; Instructor experience at a Special

    Operations CQB Course

  •   Formal School Instructor Course (FSIC) or equivalent

  •   Possess advanced Microsoft Office skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

  •   Ability to carry 50 lbs. / wear organizational Personal Protective

    Equipment (PPE) for extended durations of time throughout training


  •   State driver’s license

  •   Secret Clearance on day one of contract execution

  •   Proficient in Deliberate and Time Critical Risk Management

  •   Proficient in developing and implementing safe and realistic schemes of maneuver in support of training objectives.

  •   Proficient in developing and implementing Standard Operations Procedures

  •   Proficient in Shoot House Safety techniques

  •   Proficient in applying Marine Corps Orders and Unit SOPs as relates to

  • Range Safety. 


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