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Field Density Altitude Compensator (FDAC)

United States Patent No. US 8,584,944 B2

"A lightweight, compact, highly accurate, and simple tool for snipers and precision shooters of all experience levels"   - Some Ninja, Afghanistan

Ballistics Simplified. The Field Density Altitude Compensator (FDAC) is a highly advanced and incredibly simple tool designed by two former active duty Marine Corps Scout Snipers. The FDAC efficiently performs the most essential functions of a highly complex battery powered ballistic computer in a failproof analog tool that can be used in absolutely any environment. 


We designed this tool to be simple, reliable, and incredibly accurate across a broad spectrum of calibers, barrel lengths, muzzle velocities, and optical heights. The extensive design and testing phase of the FDAC consumed over 20,000 rounds of .308 ammunition and two years of our lives. It just works, hands down.

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