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FDAC .308 / METERS Version

FDAC .308 / METERS Version

The FDAC is an analog slide rule that displays elevation and windage firing solutions using density altitude (DA). It has two sides, side (A) calculates firing solutions in MOA (minutes of angle) and side (B) calculates in 0.1 MRAD (one tenth milradian, commonly referred to as “mils"). The front of the product has a density altitude calculation table, allowing the user to easily compute density altitude with acceptable accuracy in the absence of an instrument such as a kestrel or other device that measures density altitude.

Each FDAC includes (5) internal slides which can be swapped out by the user. Each slide contains ballistic data specific to the most common velocity range used with the 175 Sierra MatchKing (2500, 2550, 2600, 2650, 2700 fps).

The user simply inserts the slide which is the closest to the muzzle velocity of his rifle, and then slides the internal firing solution matrix (the slide) until the current density altitude and the below listed firing solutions are visible in the viewing window. All firing solutions contained in the FDAC are calculated using the G7 drag model and Bryan Litz’s tested G7 ballistic coefficients. All data contained in the three slides are the results of an extensive two year live fire testing and validation project involving several military snipers, about 20 different weapon/optic combinations, and about 20,000 rounds of .308 ammunition fired in numerous environments around the world. The production version has gone through several revisions, ultimately yielding a very simple, accurate, and user friendly tool for anyone that owns or is issued a .308 winchester / 7.62 x 51mm precision rifle.

The FDAC is 100% Made In the USA and Designed, Tested, and Sold by a Combat Veteran Owned Small Business.
  • Details

    Caliber: .308 Winchester
    Bullet: 175 Sierra MatchKing (Other bullets can be used with our Load Compatibility Matrix)
    Scope Adjustments: MOA / MILS
    Distance Increments: METERS
    Cards Included 5 Cards (2500,2550,2600,2650,2700 fps)
    Material: Polyethylene Plastic / Metal Grommets
    Length: 6.632"
    Width: 3.781"
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