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Adaptive is seeking SOCP Instructors with the following quals:

  • 8 years of military enlisted experience

  •   6 years instructing Army/Marine Combatives Program

  •   5 years Special Operations Combatives Program Instructor (SOCP)

  • instructor

  •   Must have instructed combatives at a formal military school for a

  • minimum of 3 years

  •   Must be certified as SOCP Instructor / be able to certify students to

  • SOCP Level I (40 hr POI)

  •   Capable of certifying SOCP Level II students (80 hr POI)

  •   Subject matter expert in ground fighting, focusing in body control and

  • submission grappling, hand-to-hand and other mixed martial arts or combative techniques, to include at a minimum, punches, kicks, joint locks/chokes, takedowns, standing/ground grappling and using leverage, distance and balance to gain advantage over and defeat an adversary/enemy

  •   Experience training hybrid techniques from more than one 1 martial arts discipline.

  •   Current verifiable certification in the following: Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu/Muay Thai/MCMAP/ MACP instructor qualification

  •   Must be in good physical condition to participate in and conduct combatives training.

  •   Formal School Instructor Course (FSIC) or equivalent

  •   Capable of instructing Combat Marksmanship and Close Quarters Battle

  •   Possess Microsoft Office skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  •   Capable to wear organizational Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • for extended durations of time throughout training days

  •   State driver’s license

  •   Secret Clearance on day one of contract execution

  •   Certified as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) Instructor. 


Email resumes to:

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